macam lawak ohyeah !

last weekend, ayah saya bwak la pgi warisan cafe, royale chulan hotel, mkn2. coz nak celebrate something. then, guess sape aku jumpe? haha.

isn'it funny? ok. tak. it just like. hm? kan? first lady of malaysia weyh . memang sume orang teruja kot jumpe BELIAU . ok, aku sorg je excited mse tu -.-'

datuk azmi and datin norhaliza :D

thanks pa n ma, for everything . <3

my only lil brada- sangatla MALAS

then, if u meet my genius brada, you'll be like this. he is sooo superb genius!

my only lovely sista yg blh kuar shopping same2. genius maths ni!

like papa said-our puteri bongsu-

bside my sis, is my mak sdara. single lagi tu. anyone? ( imemangsukejadikmatchmakercamnie!)

singgh pavi jap. mama nak shopping. i hate shopping! :p


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