buddies ;

I wake in the dark
With showers of life
Moments of emptiness around
Floating away
No other hope
Reality brings me

Into the ground
What can I do
What can I say
I need a place to hide away
Just for a while, just for a smile
Just for a life I used to know

The perfect song were filled with
Words of love and not with anger
What if they go
What if they leave me far behind

'Cause I don't wanna be alone
Living life for on my own
I don't want to live my life in isolation
Filled with empty decorations
'Cause I want to be with people that I know

Who would do the things I do
Making all my dreams come true
I don't recognize the shadows at my door
Though I've seen them all before
Because the only thing I really want..
Is to be with them ....

shbat , i do crying doing this. thanks for fill my life, thanks for the laugh, thanks for the happeniss, thanks for the lunatic, thanks for shine. thanks for all. there are many. many. many. many. many. moments we had. most of them were sweet. oh my God. korang sangat2 menarik perhatian aku membuatkan aku terjatuh cinta pada korang. nobody can't replace you all. sangat2 besh bsame korang. korang sentiasa ader biler aku nak korang. even aku sokmo wat muker biawak hidup tu pun, korang still lyn aku. slalu dgr mslh aku. terutama aliah. - aku suka ejek2 ko. coz bg aku tu yang buatkn kiter lebih rapt. even aku suker ejek ko, ko lyn je citer aku and buddies aku yng lain pah and wani. korang hebat. korang lah yang mengindahkan hari2 aku. thanks sesgt. suker dga aku membebel tak tentu pasl. citer pasl bnde2 plik. haha. mcm2 kiter pna buat bsame kan? tra , mina , wahida, musfirah and suhaila. korang always there when aku sedih, n bler aku perlukan korang. aku sgt sygkan korang. sangat. to rabihah. even kiter byk konflik dulu. but ko still di sebelah aku mnjadi kwn yg terbaik untuk aku . even ko da tuka skola pun. ko still being my bossom buddy ever. ko seorang shabat yg sgt baik even kkdg garang. hehe. aku rindu ko. ya. buddies. i hope our friendship last forever. this would not our end. its only our beginning kn?
i love you all damn much. ya. truly, madly, deeply LOVE you all. thanks a lot.


Anonymous said…
girl,ur blog is AWESOME!
i'm not sayin this just after reading this post..opcoz i read many of them..kinda jealous.haha!no larh,juz kiddin ya!.u av experiance many things in ur life.love-frenship-sad-happy-whtsoever..but me,didnt have the chance to go through all of 'em..hopefully,one day i will.i decided to follow ur blog so update it lorh..it's nice to see sumone following ur blog kan???seems like i gonna do karangan here.so,buhbye xD
izzaty zafirah said…
haha. well, i bit suprised to know this. ya lah. i write those juz for fun myB . i did'nt expect much n not gamble anything when write and post in blogger. it juz for keeps. hmm. btw. i don't think i had a lot of experiences coz i'm only 17 years living in this world and of course many things will come that need me to go through kann? so do u .we're just in the same boat . always waiting for a new experience to flow. ouh ya. i don't have much time to post anything coz spm is just around the corner.haa. scary. ni pun curi2 mser je check e-mail :) terima kasih daun keladi , jika sudi kenalkan diri . ( ceh2. pantun spontan ni.jwb2)

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