MAHER ZAIN eyyhh ?

bile si gadis ( i don't think i can be called as a muslimah here. sngt memalukn di situ) mula menunjukkan keterujaan yang agak melampau
shiny with pimples itu aku. abaikan, maher zain ye?
part ni is the best, dier siap nak tutpkn vcd aku lgi taw, yeah, best moment-10.10.10 :)(:

masyaAllah, i never thought to meet him. it just like . haha. undefined feeling i guess. forget the messy video. focus to the magic voice. thnks friend . yeah, lots of things happened there. but don't have much time. -something has to be priority- :P . but, insyaAllah , i'll write them with some pictures maybe ? huwee. scary n creepy MUET . any tips weyh ? to person like me, yang malas nak belajar boleh tak? blh2. kata hati kepada otak. hebat organ2 bdn aku ni blh berbicara, skali dgn ligament, large intestine, rectum semua system2 bergaduh pasl dri aku yg tunggang langgang ni. haih. relevance kah ? akan dipertimbangkan.

p/s bought one book- life is an open secret-think about it-ngeh, awesome babeyh! hehe


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