KTM . Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on.

wni, experience smalam memang sngat best . suke aku jadik sardin. suke aku ckap s**t kat cina tuh . suka aku lepak kfc, pastu g dunkin donut jumpe freshie yg bru nak blaja nk lyn plnggan.. suker ngn kbetuln naik ktm ngn ayuni. suker bwk beg yg brat cam nak g overseas, even , sbnarnye aku nyer brang ade je yg tertgal, n byak lgi. n i love it . Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. walaaa. ande we used it right. thnks dear. i'm madly happy even superb terA tired. but it was interesting journey .

class K - YOU guys are gREAT . n please always be the GREAT with our pointer too . to leen , alia and wni, all the best. even i 'm not even know deeply of you'all but hey, it means nothing, the flow will go surely more precious. CHAIYOK. all the best. mmmuaaahhxx

izzatizafirah sedang berada dalam keadaan yang dia sendiri tidak memahami kondisi tersebut. mungkinkah kekeliruan identiti di situ. oh tidak ! mungkin hanya kekeliruan kefahaman yang agak mengelirukan. tq. rummate ! ftin and syidA and also wani . luv u guys weyhh !


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