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every time you feel like giving up, remember there is no turning back, no short cuts to happiness and success. you gotta keep moving on despite haw far it is and how unprepared you are. you'll get there sooner and later

its deep . hm

'The Angry Crows'

*A reflection of A. Samad Said's “The Dead Crow”. 
*Performed at YouthACE 2014, 10th of May 2014.

He saw a dead crow,
in a drain,
near the Post Office.

He saw an old man,
gasping for air,
and a baby barely able to breathe in a crowded morning clinic.
This land is so rich,
why should we suffer like this?

I want clean air,
for my grandchildren.

I want the damned fools,
to leave the forest alone.

I want the trees to grow,
the rivers run free,
and the earth covered with grass.

Let the politicians plan how,
we may live with dignity.

Now and always.

He saw the homeless,
living on the streets helpless,
near government offices.

He saw the society,
accusing the poor as being lazy.

He saw the rich, robbing from the poor,
when they were born unlucky, born with closed doors.

He saw university students,
always seeking for academic improvements,
trying to be lucent,
trying to be brilliant,
but when they graduate,
when they are conferred the graduation scroll,
they live a life being trolled,
working a li…