A journey from here to there...

What if I die now... ! How will be My end...?
what do I have in store, how much will it weigh?
will I have it giving Me light?
while no one will be around...
or am I burning it all in vain?
Years have passed, so will I
will My Book bring Me delight?
wandered In persuit of various purposes,
My life unfolded, in detail, before Me
Here I am on the borderline,
Holding my deeds as my reins, on a String I stand...
Thirsty heat underneath and glowing bliss ahead,
A swift momentary ride, or a stuttered fall?
A moment of patience here, endless bounties there,
The two ladders stretches wide, from earth to the skies
The door of acceptance, still open,
the path of mercy has been shown,
To choose, repent, and return
And to belong to the best
How will be the end?...A journey from here to there...

by Rabiah Bint Muhammad


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