think rational. be rational and act rational .

gain experience, that's more important to me . like yes .

you don't understand . then i would say your mindset is -hm,unknowwhatlakann-

please, this is life , what's the purpose on saying live life to its fullest ? * even i'm not believe it either as FULLEST ? then, where's Islam ?

your reaction, please, nampak sngat tak membesar pemikiran tuu, it's useless la, smart, but .

bgun pagi, g class, g d.c back to college, study. weyh! tolong! sriosly membosankan life korang mcm tuu, nak pilih2 bnde tapi sdar kemampuan diri tu dlu, peluang ade dpn mata, rebut ! takya nak rse diri tu dah ckup bgus or hebat, takpuas hati kat orang, there come- cermindiritudlu. haish.

ya Allah, kuatkan aku, tnangkan aku, jauhkan aku dri berprsaan ngatif pada orang, moga aku tabah.

* ignore this post, gonna dlete onefineday,


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