syukur pada Allah. now muet , insyaAllah .

p/s donno y i was so terrible in my speaking test just now . totally. sangat. n sngat2 laa . mcam rasa bukan dri aku . it was different side of mide. i was so nervous and i don't know why. sebab aku bukanlah org yang sangat nervous. even debat or speech pun aku blh agk2 cool je. and speak english very fluently. even sometimes, byak sngat idea smpai ckap laju. not to say laa. it just. haih. i was soo disappointed with myself. ye, mungkin Allah nak tunjuk kuasa Dia , kunfayakun, aku kurg practise n sngat yakin. n at last. see. perlu bermuhasabah ni zati. hopefully i can do muchmuchmuchmuch and moremoremore better on this saturday. go ! insyaAllah ! izzatizafirah chaiyok ! tiada usaha tiada hasil . like someone has said success often goes to a person who dare and act, never goes to the timid. nak ngis. tapi. taknak waste.


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