the road not taken=the destiny or future of my life. who dcide ?

k. frankly, i feel disappointed. yes, i am. ianya satu perasaan yang tak mungkin dapat diodefinisikan . yup, when i submit my ic there n after the result came out, i feel so relieved and a bit shocked coz at the same time hoping a higher result. but, yes. Allah planned the best for me . kita hanya merncang Allah menentukan kann. i don't want to think bad. i just likee. hmm. k. sblum aku bkak result tu, aku da doa. mungkin ini hala tuju masa depan aku . coz, aku memng dri kcik nak amik phsychology and i wish that if i gt band 3 k, means that i'm going to take physchology and if i gt bnd 4 insyaAllah i'll take and just proceed my study in law. tetapi sekarang . yang membuat aku tak tnang,yang membuat aku mcam nak gila pkir bnde ni, smpai demam and mcm tak nak jumpe sape2 and hanye nak tdo ( but i just make it flow nicely to avoid my brain stuck maybe). aku dah terikat dgn UITM . how can i take physchology if the course is not there, howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ? oh. my. i'm going crazy. hingus memang da meleleh( sila, tarik dri tuk mngenali gdis tidk snonoh ini ya -.-') otherwise, i just need to accept any course provided . BUT. excuse me, u want generation to be succeed but u just give any course that u want to fulfil to those who are not dserve. who have their own ambition , their own vision,and mission too !

it looks stupid okay, lots of student that hve 4 flat in their hand or 3.5 abve c.g.p.a BUT because of BAND 3 , they need to get or enter the whatthecallofit - COURSE LELONG YE?- haish, ridicilous, means that u're just musnahkan our impian taw. ( tgok da gye gedik kuar! ) sedih okayy. rmai gile yg dpat band 3, ouh yes, sape yg still nak proceed law still kan repeat their muet on march. but to those yg memang nak kuar like i nii cmner syg ? kasihanilah mereka, mereka ada cita2, ade impian yang perlu dIanggapi (eh, betul kat phrase ini?) . biarlah , ape yang mereka blajar tu ade passion supaya our next generation kita lebih cmerlang, gemilang dan terbilang. buat ape amik smpai 800 lebih, tapi yang dpat melepasi tuk amik law hnye lah 3 rtus bbrepa lebih just because of need to get BAND 4 and above? hmm. takpelah. every single or tiny thing obviously have the own reason kann? lee it go. biarlah . aku ngn kwn2 aku yang under uitm ni yg da lepas limit 4 c.g.p.a but x lepas MUET msih keliru dgn mase dpan dan belajar melalui kesilpan sesiapa laa. takpe. insyaAllah. aku serah pada Allah . Allah tentukan takdir dan khidupn aku, if ade orang memnang skrang, aku terima je la kot. haha. ( see, at this time your horny feeling blh melonjak? haih:'( )

p/s wani , cngrats my dear, kau bersyukur ade course yg ko nak kat uitm . chemical engineering eyh? waa. suke2! insyaAllah dpat yee >.< and also budk kptm -best lah anda semua blh wat decsion to your life and buat aku rse mnyesal coz tak mintak kptm law dlu- hmm >:


Mira Hana said…
um...aku menyesal kuar uitm awal2..seriusly

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