Man is a goal seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he
is reaching out and striving for his goals.

entah. aku suka quote ini. HAHA . ignore . there's something i want to share . ( pengguna blog ini agak riak dan bongkak kan? awk tak suke sye takpee. sy msih suke awk. kita kan bersaudara? ) zati, u're such really gedikx girl u know ? meh. kau GILA. muktamad.

nii. aku nak share

For men of Understanding. In the heavens and the earth there are certainly signs for the believers. And in your creation and all the creatures. He has scattered about there are signs for people with certainty ;harun yahya

so, guys takya buang mase, mari fikirkan ! ayuh ! kita generasi. kita aset . kita muslim :)

ohh ya. ingt nak share one video ni , but ade probs pulak. so, maybe one fine day laaa kot insyaAllah :)


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