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que sera, sera

Sometimes I feel like I'm a bird with broken wings
At times I dread my now and envy where I've been
But that's when quiet wisdom takes control
At least I've got a story no one's told

I finally learned to say
Whatever will be will be
I've learned to take
The good, the bad and breathe
'Cause although we like
To know what life's got planned
No one knows if shooting stars will land

These days it feels naive to put your faith in hope
To imitate a child, fall backwards on the snow
'Cause that's when fears will usually lead you blind
But now I try to under-analyse

Is the rope I walk wearing thin?
Is the life I love caving in?
Is the weight on your mind
A heavy black bird caged inside?

Whatever will be will be
The good, the bad
Just breathe

'Cause although we like
To know what life's got planned
No one knows if shooting stars will land

Whatever will be will be
I learned to take
The good, the bad and breathe
'Cause although we like
To know what life's got plan…


aku tak mampu
aku tak larat
aku hiba
aku haru .
ko crik dri ko
aku crik dri aku
itu lebih baik .
noktah .

KTM . Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on.

wni, experience smalam memang sngat best . suke aku jadik sardin. suke aku ckap s**t kat cina tuh . suka aku lepak kfc, pastu g dunkin donut jumpe freshie yg bru nak blaja nk lyn plnggan.. suker ngn kbetuln naik ktm ngn ayuni. suker bwk beg yg brat cam nak g overseas, even , sbnarnye aku nyer brang ade je yg tertgal, n byak lgi. n i love it . Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. walaaa. ande we used it right. thnks dear. i'm madly happy even superb terA tired. but it was interesting journey .

class K - YOU guys are gREAT . n please always be the GREAT with our pointer too . to leen , alia and wni, all the best. even i 'm not even know deeply of you'all but hey, it means nothing, the flow will go surely more precious. CHAIYOK. all the best. mmmuaaahhxx

izzatizafirah sedang berada dalam keadaan yang dia sendiri tidak memahami kondisi tersebut. mungkinkah kekeliruan identiti di situ. oh tidak ! mungkin hanya kekeliruan kefahaman yang agak mengelirukan. …



experiences are just sooo interesting to have

there's lots of my friends asked
zati, update la blog . nak taw cter ko kat saner . HAHA . i just. okay. one fine day . i'll do it.
but heh. wondering when is it ? a fine day. heh.
as a conclusion
i Really or deeply enthusiastically being there . yaww. study law is hard . but the trying will never get hard kan ? so, just do it . insyaAllah. anything will be fine.
sorry followers i can't enetertain you'all in this couple of months . ( haha. ceh. gaya ape je weyh ) duhh. my blog become soooooooo bored without anything to read kan ?

gonna proceed . i want to STUDY . naaa. HAHAHAHAH

ececec zatyrainz

p/s aku suka beliau ke ? ohh . pelik. tidak mungkin dan mustahil sama sekali. walaupun mustahil itu mampu menjadi kenyataan akan ku tepis yaww . BODOH . jika aku suka beliau .
muktamad . ianya TAK mungkin berlaku ( AHAA. skema gak ohh . budk law kne skema KOTT )

huahahua . group k. nicer

uwaaaaa. nak UPDATE blog but the time is killing meeee, ish, time . please be more longer !