Sunday, April 11, 2010

the probabilty of reality

I am roaming around your house once again today
i'm getting mad. It's really difficult for me, like this
BUT i can't do anything about it
It's to late to change your heart
It's the end . It's too late. now.
The hand that was once used to my body is now pushing me away
what should i do ? what should i do ?
The breath of yours is gone but i still love you
what shall i do , what shall i do
please, oh, please comeback.
i think of you, i keep thinking of you
i like you too much
i can't forget anything about you
This song is a song that can't hold onto you

ehem2. THis is a new song from jeong ji hoon. guess what ? haha. this song is TOO sweet . ok, i should admit many of RAIN'S song like huhahuha rhythm . that need us to dance. bUT i still adore it. but this time was different . a LOVE song . a Calm song. * grinning from ear to ear* when i read the english lyric, i was like DAMN, ok, the craze comes and made me felt- dreamin. like he was singing this song for me while playing a guitar. yeah , i never post anything about him. is it ? act, i'm trying to not to adore him . yeah . diehardfan beacuse of apperance is just nothing. eh, not nothing. its EVERYTHING . incredible weyh. make a sin like my mom's said. because i seem very keen ! so, beacause of that i tried to ignore anything or everything about him for last two years, even sometimes in the shopping mall. i caught a glance plenty of his 'poster' and picture. ( i just like, ok, calm, zaty. ) know what, there once before. haha. i was too extra-excited i made the 'poster' of him FALL. what a shamy-mamy. kan> k2. back from the main title. keh2. still can stifle beacuse i was soo busy with the certificate . and sometimes i'm not even think about him.
BUT now. i'm in holiday. there's nothing else to do. and haaaa..
tadaaa. a rejoice come back . namun tiddak sehangat dlu la. hehe
every muslimah has an obligation right ? now. adore with a calmness. cehh. haha ^,^

see, how u can't say he is not drop-dead gorgeous huh? ok, admit. sepet. sy suke!

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- E3el@ :)- said...

rain kacak!!!!!

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