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thetarianz. i miss you. miss me not ?

zaty, mina, izzat, zaid . our place the best. thnks a lot for give me a madly bliss stying there. especially izzat. =p ( aku benci ko ! gmbr aku buruk gler dlm momentum. hisy! )

weyh, ko miss aku kan ? aku taw. ha3. jgn lupe aku. aku syg ko taw, even ko rmai bff yg menanti. . =p

suhaila, you're the person who always there for me. for everything. aku syg ko sngat2. well, like people 's said- aku nak ikat ko ketat2. haha.

tra yg byk ckp. ko suka bercakap, sebab tu aku syg ko. ha3. well, everyone like you.

ha3. one's before - tyalica. henceforth - ourself. no more boys. aku syg korg . clah. u strong. best to know you even a minute

ha3. pipah, gudluck keje. =D aku rindu ko, tapi apakah daya. hu3

omg! aku rindu gler2 tasawwur class. ustzh ! rindu sy tak? alahaiii. syg korg.

aniq. aku suka ini gamba ! ha3. ko nmpk comey. =p

teman bergossip, can't count with finger how many times we sid together. ber-gossip. aku benci bila mukhriz, nazrin dan afif kate ' mengumpat je keje' sepak kang. we not actually gossip-ing but we are.

haaa. well, i miss this moment. n i will bear in mind what we had that night. kih2

wani! ko bestfriendz aku. haahhhh. byk bnde kita nak buat. byk bnde kita rancang. mint kite sme. alahaiii. i rindu you lahh!

korang, aku taw. tmpt kite jadi best sbab ader aku kann? ha3

guys, make sure u read this till the last word kay? mmuuuhhh =D

I wish I could be inonocent and sweet
Back to how I was back to who I was
These memories flash and burn
I just want to let them go
Slide back into my cloud of innocience
And finally be at peace

All these memories flash before me
Regret pain loss and confusion
Slip from my mind just slip away

I'm in so pain now a days
All these memories swiming
Just stay still
Burning me away
I don't even know myself now
Run and hide but they still find me
can't stop thinking of who I was
It just brings more pain

All these memories flash before me
Fear anger mistakes and regection
Slip from my mind just slip away

Only all these bad ones seem to stick
But now I'm thinking andseeing
Going back I would lose so much
All my friends all my loves
You caused so much pain
But still my love remains
I know we will part one day
But I'll only remeber the rain

All these memories flash before me
Love friendship hope and dreams
Stay in my mind just stay now..


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