Thursday, December 31, 2009

loathe the parts

The world seems small when you hold in your pain,
The walls break down regardless of your facade and name,
Empty smiles fill your days; a naked heart is no shame,
And it is always you who seems to take the blame,
Welcome here to the hall of fame!

Sometimes nothing around us seems to be clear,
We hold on so tight to things that once were so dear,
Another broken heart is constantly our biggest fear,
We keep pushing people away, afraid to let them near,
And we thrive so hard not to shed another tear.

Take it in, feel it all, use your senses to measure your fall,
Don't look back, never regret, leave your guilt and all,
Be sure that there will always be someone to answer your call,
Life is a basketball court and within your own hands you carry your fate's ball,
Don't waste time alone waiting on the side line or in a shell crawl!

No one ever tells you things will always be ok and just fine,
Bring your nightmares forward to me and with you I'll share mine,
Between right and wrong, truth and lies, real and fake, there is no certain line,
So stand right up, adjust your posture and try not to whine,
Take the chance to rise above it all, blossom and shine.

Don't let anyone make you feel your dreams are not worth fighting for,
Throw out desperation from your window or even front door,
Remember that there's a beauty in things around us, one so hard to ignore,
Always keep your faith that whatever it is you get, you still deserve more,
And that one day, some day, each of us will reach his safety and shore.

sometimes .. we find ourselves laying in strange places where we think nothing could go around ..
and lock ourselves in some space where it's extremely labeled with (stay away) .. forgetting .. that good things could happen .. but it takes time to figure out what they are .. and if those things are real .. so we tend to observe .. and keep defenses alarmed .. in order to be in the safe side as our point of view .. but .. one special thing could happen as a bless of god for who's worth it .. and we in turn believe this may be as meant to be or just a mercy breeze that maybe could give us some lifting. ..

we live and learn by the mistakes we make and faults we notice between the daily life lines ,, but we never live the harm a hard experience can put a heart into !!

change in believes, dark side struggling,, how hard a heart to beat can be .. and how hard for words to explain ..

and then it shows out of the sudden like a ray light in the early dawn of an endless darkest night .. bringing the hope of life and the hand that may left your soul into a better spiritual place .. and you fight to not fall in to it .. and fill your heart with what you might think as in empty lies of life keeps going and coming all a long but u feel like you have to let go and suddenly it feels like heaven grace on you ,, blesses you thought you can never have ,, happy times that you've never thought you'll see again.

And all around you turns like a pinky world of singing birdies and blossoming flowers ,, and you move on ..

And life carry on going day by day and night after night and you get more and more convinced that this bless was meant to be and this joy is endlessly Free.

And to promote all that into a higher position of yourself clearness .. Please pray to god to make it last .. and make the maximum good use of it ..

May god bless your lives with hope .. love .. and beauty .. and that is as far as I can get with this bless I carry "still" with me .. and all I can do is to pray for it not to go away .

- took this from quizilla.
love this part
Take the chance to rise above it all, blossom and shine.

ya, i will, chaiyo zaty !! . ya. do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment . wherever will be. insyaAllah.

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