mari bergelap

on 28 march
On 28 March 2009 millions of people around the globe will unite for one hour and switch off their lights to show that they care about our living planet.

n of coz im

ha3. very excited ouh. x sbar cmner lah all people in the world bergelap gulita.
imjuz thinking. cmner lah bg mreke yg berbangsa ow keturunan india. nmpk gigi jehh.
isy. comeyll gitu. hahah.( hyporit syiot ! )

sperlah yg punye idea bombastik cmnieyh. really unique .

okeyh. korg2.jgn lupe tutup lampu ya !!
we should give full support with dis ya !!



puteri said…
i love the part where indian
nmpak gigi shje

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